Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.

This Winston Churchill quote neatly describes my meticulous nature. I have learnt, (the hard way), that forward planning and being able to think ahead of the game is truly the only way to achieve anything of high quality.

The marketing geniuses behind the on-line fashion firm ASOS have clearly taken Churchill to heart by launching one of the first fully transactional Facebook shops, allowing customers to buy its entire range from within the second most popular website in the world, (second only to Google). ASOS will have over 35,000 lines on Facebook by the end of January, adding 1,300 products on a weekly basis.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Ultra Girl Ribbon Bow Flat Shoes
At the moment, ASOS generates millions of pounds through advertising on the side bar and its marketplace area on Facebook. How often do you click on the sidebar advertisements, and when you do, how much does it annoy you when you have Facebook telling you that you are navigating away from the website, and then ask if this is OK, and then...etc? The idea is that 'fewer clicks and barriers to purchase should mean greater conversions', (James Hart, ASOS ecommerce director and absolute mastermind).

ASOS shall go the extra mile and will also add Facebook features such as the 'like' and comments boxes to make users feel more at home with the hybrid site, and hopefully attract new customers.
While ASOS becomes a pioneer of transactional Facebook shopping by the end of the month, other firms shall be keeping a close eye on the activity and more importantly the changes in the figures to see if it's worth following the new trend.

ASOS Blousen Sleeve Silk Mix Tailored Pencil Dress
 As you can probably tell, I'm pro Facebook/ASOS. I believe that this is an innovative marketing strategy just at the right time and place. With our awful weather making us lazy to shop, coupled with our impatience and laziness to wait a few more microseconds for a web page to load, making on-line retail therapy that little bit easier will make a significant difference. With current trends and my style being 'casual sophistication', I shall be spoilt for choice on Facebook in the near future!

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