Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Jimmy Choo man has confidence and style.

Jimmy Choo launched menswear shoes for AW'11 in Milan last month. The British style collection coupled with the Italian craftsmanship creates the Mod aesthetic. Like the womenswear, the footwear is classic and audacious, offering styles ranging from exotic skinned trainers to rugged boots. But, what could be the reasoning behind extending an already incredibly successful company towards menswear? Will Jimmy Choo shoes for men be as striking as those for women?

With growing numbers of men becoming more fashion forward, there is definitely demand for designers to branch out to meet the requests. Men are, as a whole, increasingly taking pride in what they wear on their feet. Like women, more and more men feel that the purchase or use of a particular brand will enhance the image which others have of them.

A company like Jimmy Choo can promote their new collection immediately through capitalising on the designer name, creating instant product awareness. Brand extensions increase the efficiency of a firm’s investment in marketing communications by generating a greater level of sales from a given advertising investment. Indeed, clicking on the Jimmy Choo website now asks you to register for menswear collection updates before letting you access the site, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

Brand extension enables a new product to use the already well-established functional attributes and symbolic values that make up the personality of the brand. The Jimmy Choo menswear collection exuberates class, elegance and individuality; all of which blend perfectly with the company’s core beliefs.

By introducing a different range, Jimmy Choo have allowed more people to actually buy the products; the men, therefore increasing their client base and brand awareness through targeting a different market segment. It also educates men about the infamous variety of womenswear collections.

However, there is a small danger that the image of the core product of women’s shoes may be tarnished, and its standing with the core female customer. Branching out may lose the feel of exclusiveness and luxury that Jimmy Choo values as a company.

Personally, I think Jimmy Choo for men will be a slow, but steady success. With demand growing from the major developing countries such as China and India, Jimmy Choo have timed the release of this collection impeccably to meet the demands of the more confident, affluent and stylist man.Pictures taken from

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