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Love Me. Try Me. Spend On Me.

Whether high end or high street, designers work tirelessly to create something unique and true to their brand. You see a girl in the street with a great pair of heels, so you start hunting for a pair of your own. Keira Knightley is pictured wearing a Mary Katrantzou dress on, so you Google the designer. Media, celebrity, peer pressure and trends are all major contributing factors to our taste and ultimately our purchases. But, there are other forces at work too, one of which is the display in stores.

The most successful brands are firmly in tune with the human psychology of buying and training is provided to staff to ensure the products are captivating. Ted Baker is an English high end high street brand that embraces creativity in their visual displays. The brand has grown from humble roots to a worldwide success story, owing much of the prosperity to embracing the individuality of Ted Baker.

We all know that a creative window attracts customers. Visual merchandisers do their best to design windows that will make walking into a store irresistible. Therefore, the exterior needs to be immediately attractive to your core audience. In general, a simple and striking display is more attractive than one which is busy and cluttered. Displays are changed at least every season, in line with new collections available in store. These seasonal changes ensure that we look at the refreshed display and walk in, instead of walking past and into the store next door. Ted Baker always aim to ensure that no two store windows look alike, with their in store merchandisers making their own personal mark.

Once a customer walks into a store, the priority is to make sure he/she will enjoy their shopping experience. New customers need to feel like they can tell 5 friends about shopping at Ted Baker. The positioning of till points and passageways need to correlate. The customer should be able to pick up a pair of jeans and head straight to the cashier without feeling lost. The stock per square metre is carefully analysed by the merchandising team, ensuring the customer is able to see everything clearly and is offered as much of the range as possible. Items are often placed in prominent places of the store that invite the customer to touch and feel the product. Ted Baker always stock one of each size of the garment, so that the piece is accessible to try on or buy immediately. The rails contain hooks on each end with a garment that represents the story.

In store lighting is surprisingly influential in the purchasing decisions of customers. Brightly lit stores that use focal points on key pieces or displays are more inviting. Womenswear and menswear collections are often displayed with different lighting tones. Lighting is also changed seasonally to make the customer feel at ease. It is common for shops to have cosy, soft lighting in the winter and cool, icy lighting in the summer. Spotlights on key collections and displays attract buyers, helping them understand the brand direction. Ted Baker often purchase light fixtures which are works of art themselves. This quirky touch makes the customer feel like they are in a different world; in the mindset of Ted Baker.

The choice of music in store is very important. The song choices must appeal to the target audience. Popular songs make the customer feel like they belong with the brand. Classical music in a store such as Ted Baker would make a customer feel nervous and out of place. Appealing to taste can also be a useful strategy. During the Christmas period, Ted Baker offer drinks and snacks to customers free of charge. This makes the customer spend more time browsing whilst they finish their treats. Additionally, the customer feels obligated to buy something as a way of saying 'thank you' for the free food!

Overall, I think Ted Baker are a very strong example of innovation and individuality in store displays. It is sometimes said that the brand is too creative or 'arty' when it comes to window display, thus alienating the majority of the public. Personally, this creativity is what attracts me in the first place. I have found myself looking at every display of every Ted Baker store that I see. Their strong colour scheme and quirkiness sets them apart, and this is especially visible in department stores.

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